FUSE International

Architects Hawaii Ltd. maintains a diverse portfolio of designs and clients spanning across the globe. Our projects are located throughout North America, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and United Arab Emirates.

Joining forces to create exceptional innovative design services around the world, AHL is the founding member of the international design alliance of FUSE International.

This alliance includes the collaboration of the design firms of Looney & Associates, The Planning Studio, Selva Partners, and Tongg, Clarke & McCelvey. FUSE provides services in the areas of architecture, interior design, master planning, landscape, and sustainability for the various markets in hospitality, leisure, entertainment, retail, residential high-rise and lowrise, healthcare, commercial, educational, and institutional.

Transforming complexity into elegance. Understanding our environment. Bringing a fresh voice to local cultures. Taking the concepts of our clients to revitalize communities. These are the hallmarks that define FUSE as a leading international design team.

FUSE International offices are located in the United States and the UAE. For more information, visit: www.fuseisdesign.com