AHL Projects


AHL has designed award-winning luxury resorts throughout Hawaii, the Pacific and Asia. We design exclusive resorts with style and character that blend harmoniously with the environment and culture of the various locales.


Our distinctive retail centers often insert the spice of culture and history into the design, creating an atmosphere that discerning shoppers expect. Each project is approached individually with an eye on the client and their customers.


AHL designs take full advantage of natural elements such as climate and view planes. We have innovated the design and planning of more than 8,000 luxury and market-priced high-rise residential units.


AHL has developed a reputation as a premiere designer of landmark and award-winning buildings. We have designed more than 7 million square feet of commercial and office space throughout Hawaii and the Pacific Basin.


Inspiring students to love learning requires a community effort. AHL’s educational projects understand the need for smoothly flowing spaces, for private reading and reflection areas, including team learning spaces.


Community is at the core of AHL’s philosophy. AHL was one of the first firms in Hawaii to join the national 1% program, connecting nonprofits with architecture and design firms willing to give their time pro bono.


AHL has designed a range of government projects in Hawaii and the Pacific, including the Hawaii State Capitol, The Capitol Complex for the Federated States of Micronesia and The Republic of Palau National Capitol.


With a total of more than 2 million sq/ft and 2,400 beds, AHL has worked on almost every healthcare facility in Hawaii and designed more healthcare facilities in the Pacific than any other local architectural firm.