American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Hawai’i

American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge provides lodging units to patients in active cancer treatment and their care giver free of charge. The project itself consists of a three story building, with parking at ground level and two residential floors above. The facility has 20 residential guest units. The Ground level provids parking area, entry lobby and utility services areas. The main feature on this level is the Healing Garden; it provides shaded outdoor seating and walkway areas, a water feature and variety of plant life arranged to create outdoor rooms for the guests and their visiting families to enjoy. The guest rooms, much like a hotel, have private bathrooms, air conditioning system, Wi-Fi and other amenities to make the guest’s stay a simple but comfortable stay. The third floor houses most of the amenities like check in/concierge counter, a large residential kitchen with walking pantry, living and dining room areas, contemplation room and a functional information library.

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Services Utilized
  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Sustainability

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