Kona Judiciary Complex

Administering justice in accordance with the law.

The new Kona Judiciary Complex will centralize the West Hawai‘i Judiciary operations into a single location. The existing courts in Kona occupy adapted space in existing buildings originally designed to house different types of functions and are not conducive to efficient court operations.  Kona Judiciary Complex will house three circuit courtrooms, two district courtrooms, two family courtrooms including judge’s chambers, holding areas for Third Circuit departments, and programs including Juvenile/Adult Client Services, Legal Documents and Drivers Education. The new courthouse expresses the Judiciary’s forward-thinking vision, transparency and drive to provide justice for the people. In honoring and respecting the land, the Complex pays homage to its surrounding landscape and the cultural heritage of Hawai‘i and the law. The design of the building subtly integrates the ideas of the Hawaiian theme and articulates it in a symbolic way.

project details


Kona, Hawai‘i


Est. 2018