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  • 10th Apr

    AHL Principal Joe G.F. Farrell Honored in ...


    AHL’s own Joe G.F. Farrell, AIA, recently returned to Sarasota, FL where he was honored for his role as an original member of the “Sarasota school” of midcentury modernists. A group of 22 architects, including iconic architect Paul Rudolph, pioneered this regional, post-war architecture that is characterized by its attention to the warm climate and terrain–large sunshades, innovative… Keep Reading

  • 4th Apr

    Hawaiian Kapa Workshop


    It was an incredible afternoon at Architects Hawaii as artist Dalani Tanahy came down to the office and demonstrated the practice of  Hawaiian kapa making. For those who don’t know, kapa is a beautiful fabric that was made by Native Hawaiians from the bark of the paper mulberry tree. A very slow and tedious process, it became clear… Keep Reading

  • 31st Mar

    AHL Wins Award in AIAS Sandcastle Competit...


    This past Saturday, the AHL Sandcastle team took to the mean beaches of Kailua to compete in AIAS Hawaii’s 37th Annual Sandcastle Esquisse. The theme of this year’s competition was “Cultures of the World.”

  • 17th Apr

    AHL Office featured in Pacific Business Ne...

    Posted April 17, 2014

    (Honolulu, Hawaii, April 14, 2014) From whale watching to showering after a morning surf session, the 80-plus employees at Architects Hawaii Ltd., the state’s largest architectural firm, work in one of Honolulu’s “coolest” office spaces. On a recent visit to the Honolulu firm’s relatively new office spaces at the Pacific Guardian Center’s Makai Tower, which include a penthouse space, the… Keep Reading

  • 4th Mar

    Architects Hawaii prepares master plan for...

    Posted March 04, 2014

    Architects Hawaii Ltd. (AHL) is working on a master plan for Palama Settlement as part of its 1% Program, a national program that connects nonprofits with architects willing to provide pro bono services. “Time and challenging economies have taken a toll on our facilities, and this master plan is a huge, critical first step in… Keep Reading

  • 24th Feb

    Camp Smith Semper Fit Center wins masonry ...

    Posted February 24, 2014

    (Honolulu, Hawaii, Feb 24, 2013) The Masonry Institute of Hawaii recently awarded the Camp H.M. Smith Semper Fit Center the 2013 Project of the Year. Architects Hawaii Ltd. (AHL) worked with AMEC-Nan Joint Venture LLC to provide the architectural and interior design services. The new fitness center meets Department of Defense anti-terrorism/force protection (ATFP) requirements… Keep Reading